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Below are excerpts from reviews of some of our products. You can click on a review's title (e.g. Review of Beginning Brazilian Portuguese) to read to the unabridged review.

We also have a table of all known CLS reviews.

"Its content is rich, organized and up-to-date. It accommodates different learning styles, and allows students to explore Brazilian culture, vocabulary, and grammar in context."
Clémence Jouët-Pastré, Harvard University, Review of Beginning Brazilian Portuguese CD-ROM

"...user-friendly, linguistically and pedagogically very sound, well conceived, and quite affordable."
Peter Yang, Case Western Reserve University, CALICO Review of Beginning Cantonese CD-ROM

"...perhaps one of the best software programs that has come to the attention of this reviewer. Its greatest strengths are its excellent sound features, video, graphics, and user-friendly interface."
Tongtao Zheng, University of Tasmania, Australia, CALICO Review of Beginning Chinese CD-ROM

"...the degree of interactivity achieved by the package is high: students make decisions (choice of lesson, choice of exercise), enter answers and receive feedback from the program at every step of the way. Therefore, the package is a useful tool for self-study of the Turkish language."
Annalisa Sandrelli, University of Hull, Review of Beginning Turkish CD-ROM

"...not only do all five activity types accommodate a range of learning style preferences, but they also reinforce what users cover in the video dialogues, readings, and supplemental dialogues: pronunciation, vocabulary, expressions, structures, culture, and grammar."
Vehbi Türel, University of Manchester, CALICO Review of Beginning Turkish CD-ROM

"Use of native speakers and authentic cultural materials in the photos and videos make the target language and culture come alive for the learner...a very effective tool for the teaching and learning of Turkish."
Yesim Kesli, Texas Tech University, CALICO Review of Intermediate Turkish DVD-ROM

"…impeccable linguistic accuracy, authenticity of content, and up-to-date cultural information."
Luba Iskold, Muhlenberg College, CALICO Software Review of Intermediate Ukrainian DVD-ROM

"The makers of Beginning Ukrainian are to be commended, not only for their vision in the creation of a user-friendly electronic resource that may be used either independently or in the language classroom, but also for the modern curriculum..."
Rachel Stauffer, University of Virginia, Slavic and East European Journal Review of Beginning Ukrainian DVD-ROM