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Using the CD-ROM or DVD-ROM products on a Mac

Our CD-ROM and DVD-ROM products were not designed for MacOS, but if you have a Mac you do have some options if you want to use them. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the compatibility of any particular setup, but some users have had success running our software on Macs using emulators and virtual machines. Note that all of the options listed below require a valid copy of Windows to run the CLS software, and the system requirements for each product still apply. A thorough overview of options for Mac users can be found at

Virtual Machines

Virtual Machines allow multiple operating system environments to coexist on the same computer, enabling the use of Windows and other operating systems simultaneously with Mac OS programs. They are the best option for users of Macs with Intel processors.

Boot Camp

Mac OS X versions 10.5 and newer include a utility called Boot Camp, which helps users to install Windows on their computers. Switching from Windows to Mac (and vice versa) requires restarting the computer.