Beginning Kurmanji Kurdish DVD-ROM

by Deniz Ekici

Beginning Kurmanji Kurdish DVD-ROM is comprehensive multimedia language courseware. This DVD-ROM package is the equivalent of a textbook and workbook, with audio and video.

It can be used either by independent learners or by students in a traditional or self-instructional classroom setting, and covers material equivalent to a one-year college course.

What's Inside:

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About the Author

Deniz Ekici is an Associate Professor at Middle Tennessee State University and a Ph.D. researcher in Center for Kurdish Studies at the University of Exeter. He received his M.A. in Political Science from the City University of New York. His professional experience has been in educational and learning technologies. He has developed and taught Kurmanji-Kurdish courses at beginning, intermediate and advanced levels.  His Kurmanji-Kurdish Reader, a multi-level reference tool with an extensive grammar section, was published by Dunwoody Press in 2007. He also led a project to compile and edit a Kurmanji bilingual lexicon to be used in machine translation software. His research interests are language variation and the role of language in the nation-building process. His current research focuses on the discursive construction of national identity in the Kurdish journals of late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Author's Introduction to the DVD-ROM

Introduction by
Deniz Ekici

Hûn bi xêr hatin dersên kurdî!

This Beginning Kurmanji Kurdish DVD consists of 20 lessons that aim to provide learners with basic Kurdish language skills so that they can express themselves in Kurdish. Each lesson includes one or more dialogues with accompanying audio and video features, grammar as well as footnotes, which provide additional explanatory notes about grammar, idiomatic expressions and Kurdish culture; dialogues that take place between two native speakers, with different topics in each lesson, are accompanied by audio and video features. While the audio feature provides native speaker’s pronunciation, both Kurdish and English, in word and sentence segments, the video feature offers paralinguistic elements such as intonation, gestures and facial expressions. In addition, each lesson contains a set of exercises such as fill-in-the-blank, multiple choice questions, flashcard, dictation and pronunciation exercises so that learners can practice the grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

This interactive Kurmanji Kurdish DVD may be used as a self-instructional material without the direct control of an instructor or alternatively, a main or supplementary material in a university level teacher-led course. The lessons on this DVD do not have a timetable when used as a self-instructional tool, which means that learners can study the material at their own pace and can continue to repeat the same lesson as many times as they wish before moving to the next one.

You will learn Kurmanji-Kurdish as you travel with Şîler and Bawer around Dihok, one of the three provinces of Southern Kurdistan (Iraqi-Kurdistan), in dialogues that explore the richness of traditional Kurdish culture.

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