Beginning Kazakh

by Ablahat Ibrahim, Ph.D.

Provides you with confidence
communicating in Kazakh at an everyday level.

Using these materials, you can:

Learn to speak and understand Kazakh through a storyline that teaches you basic language skills for communicating with Kazakh speakers in a variety of cultural contexts.

Watch video and read about going to the post office, talking on the phone, buying and preparing food, weather, sports, literature, Kazakh culture, and more. Table of Contents

Explore 20 units, 10,000 audio clips, dozens of exercises, hundreds of footnotes, and 25 videos performed by native speakers.

 Classroom-Tested and Peer-Reviewed

Beginning Kazakh was developed and peer-reviewed by Kazakh language experts, and was tested and reviewed by college students using it as their textbook.

It can be used either by independent learners or by students in a traditional or self-instructional classroom setting, and is the equivalent of the material covered in a one-year college course.

“Overall, it is an excellent mix of useful conversational material and solid grammatical introduction.”
T.B., Lansdale, PA

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